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The new QuietDose system from Howard Leight provides the ultimate in accuracy for assessment of personal workplace noise risk.

QuietDose is the first noise level monitoring system that uses in-ear dosimetry to measure every sound that reaches the user’s eardrum. Dramatically more precise than existing area or personal sampling devices currently in use, QuietDose provides previously unattainable and highly precise data points that allow both workers and management to make the smartest, best-informed hearing protection decisions. QuietDose data equips safety managers to:

  • determine whether workers are using their earplugs or earmuffs correctly
  • track and address the potential of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in real time
  • potentially eliminate dual protection
  • provide workers more appropriate hearing protectors
  • streamline worker deployment by matching shift hours with proper protection more accurately

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Howard Leight Introduces QuietDose: In-Ear Dosimetry Measures Noise Exposure in Real-Time to Help Prevent Workplace Hearing Loss

Howard Leight today officially introduced QuietDose™ -- the only personal dosimeter that measures and records a worker’s actual in-ear exposure to noise over an entire work shift.  The introduction is a major advance towards stopping the progression of occupational hearing loss and ensuring employer compliance with hearing safety regulations.
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