Shooting Sports Hearing Protection.

Designed to meet the needs of professional and recreational shooters, Howard Leight hearing protectors are ideal for use in a wide range of environment, from tactical operations, hunting, range use, and sporting events.

Shooting Sports Earplugs

Disposable Shooting Sports - Earplugs

One size does not fit all. Unique shapes and a variety of earplug styles offer maximum attenuation and a comfortable fit.

Reusable Shooting Sports - Earplugs

Shooting Sports Earmuffs

Passive Shooting Sports - Earmuffs

The Leightning® Series offers Air Flow Control technology that improves overall attenuation without increasing the size or weight of the earmuff. In addition, the ear cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

Electronic Shooting Sports - Earmuffs

Amplifies low-level sounds and conversation while reducing harmful gunfire or impulse noise above 82dB.

Shooting Sports Combo Kits / Other

Combo Kits Shooting Sports - Other

Our best selling products and accessories combined to offer a better consumer value.

Eyewear Shooting Sports - Other

All eyewear meets ANSI Z87+ high impact standards and offer 99.9% UVA /UVB protection. A wide variety of lens tints are available.



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