Howard Leight Publishes New 2008 Product Selection Guide

Smithfield, RI -- Sperian Hearing Protection has just made available the new Howard Leight® 2008 Product Selection Guide, covering its diverse portfolio of earplugs, earmuffs and accessories. A veritable compendium at 52 pages, the guide contains a wealth of Hearing Conservation information in addition to technology advances, product specifications and accessories. Included are a Best Practices Guide for setting up an OHSA-approved Hearing Conservation Program, descriptions of hearing loss symptoms, fitting instructions for earplugs and earmuffs, and an extensive product selection guide keyed by industry and exposure level.

"We feel making hearing protection devices is only part of our job," said Renee Bessette, COHC, Marketing Manager for Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC, Howard Leight's corporate parent. "We are committed to reducing hearing loss globally by providing those charged with implementing Hearing Conservation Programs with as much relevant information as possible on regulations, training and motivation, fit-effectiveness, and product selection."

As a recognized global leader in hearing protection products, Howard Leight offers one of the industry's broadest ranges of earplug and earmuff products, and has developed many of the industry's most significant design and technological innovations over the past few years.

New Howard Leight products featured in the new Product Selection Guide include:

• Clarity® Multiple-Use earplugs -- Improve worker safety and communication by blocking hazardous noise while allowing voice and signal frequencies to be heard more naturally (NRR 21).
• Thunder® T2HV Hi-Visibility -- Earmuffs that incorporate high-visibility earcups and reflective headbands to provide visual protection, along with a completely dielectric construction (NRR 28).
• Impact® Sport -- Ultraslim earmuff amplifies sound to safe levels, while providing reliable protection (NRR 22).
• Polar Hood™ and Slim Belt Clip earmuff accessories -- Enhance performance and accessibility of earmuffs.

The Product Selection Guide also features "Search by" sections that make it easy to choose the appropriate earplug or earmuff for your situation. These sections recommend products for Hearing Conservation programs based on:

• Special Features -- Highlights special features among earplugs and earmuffs that target special requirements, including climate, high visibility and use with other PPE.
• Industries -- Identifies considerations within specific industries, including construction, aviation, food process industries, and energy production.
• Exposure Levels -- Recommends products to match noise exposure levels to ensure proper protection/avoid overprotection.

One of the newest and most innovative products listed in the Product Selection Guide is VeriPRO™, a software-based fit verification system developed in conjunction with the House Ear Institute. VeriPRO makes it easy to get an accurate, real-world picture of the hearing protection employees are actually getting from their earplugs. By verifying earplug effectiveness, VeriPRO provides an ideal opportunity for education and can improve the success of any Hearing Conservation Program.

For a copy of the Product Selection Guide, contact Sperian Customer Care at 800.430.5490 or download a PDF at www.howardleight.com.

Since its beginnings as a one-man operation more than 30 years ago, Howard Leight by Sperian has grown into one of the largest global manufacturers of hearing protectors in the industrial market and the recognized innovator in protection and people-oriented fit. Howard Leight offers the widest variety of hearing protection devices and technology, ranging from the highest attenuating Max® single-use earplug, to SmartFit® earplugs with Conforming Material Technology™--which delivers a more personalized fit--to VeriPRO™, the new industry-changing fit verification system for hearing protectors. Utilizing Bilsom® Technology, Howard Leight earmuffs raise the bar on innovative design, performance and comfort, with features like padded wire headbands, high-visibility designs, unique sound management technologies and multi-level attenuation options. Visit Howard Leight online at http://www.howardleight.com

With nearly 6000 employees worldwide, Sperian Protection is resolutely geared towards international markets. The world leader in personal protective equipment (hearing, eye, respiratory and fall protection, gloves, clothing and footwear), the Group offers innovative products adapted to high-risk environments so that all workers in the manufacturing and services industries can work with confidence. Sperian Protection is listed on Euronext's Eurolist and on the SBF120.

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