Demonstrate to your team that hearing conservation is important at many levels – and not simply about complying with workplace regulations. In this section, you can download posters and flyers for your workplace and also access groups who offer resources to professionals, including audiologists, industrial hygienists, safety nurses, managers, students and other individuals involved in implementing hearing conservation programs.

Howard Leight Earplug Instruction Poster - ES
Howard Leight Earplug Instruction Poster - IT
Howard Leight Earplug Instruction Poster - SE
Howard Leight Earplug Instruction Poster - UK
Bilsom Earmuff Instruction Poster - DE
Bilsom Earmuff Instruction Poster - IT
Bilsom Earmuff Instruction Poster - ES
Bilsom Earmuff Instruction Poster - SE
Bilsom Earmuff Instruction Poster - UK
Noise Thermometer - UK
The 4Cs of Hearing Protection
Care + Maintenance of Earplugs and Earmuffs



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