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Earplugs should protect you from moderate noise levels.

Not disconnect you from your working world.

In an increasingly connected world, Neutron is the everyday earplug that both helps prevent exposure to harmful noise and allows you to hear colleagues and customers without removing them. Neutron keeps you better connected and protected in the moderate noise levels found in today’s modern workplaces.

Stay Connected
Neutron earplugs enable you to hear more clearly in moderate noise levels without distorted speech sounds. You get optimal attenuation across all frequencies, so workers stay connected to and feel less isolated from their environment. They can clearly hear voices, signals, and alarms without removing earplugs. That’s why Neutron is ideal for workers in moderate noise environments such as pharmaceutical production, transportation services, utilities, general manufacturing — or even entertainment venues! 

  • Unlike most conventional hearing protectors that block high frequencies more than low frequencies in noise, Neutron’s uniform moderate attenuation blocks low frequencies and high frequencies nearly equally. Hazardous noise levels are reduced without distorting the incoming sound. When workers can hear the things they need to hear in order to perform their job, they wear their hearing protectors more consistently.

Proven Protection
The good news: studies show that workplaces throughout Europe are getting quieter. The bad news: studies show that workers can still suffer permanent hearing loss from prolonged unprotected exposures to lower noise levels of hazardous noise. A pioneer in moderate-attenuation protectors, we developed Neutron earplugs with this in mind. Appropriate for noise levels of 80–95 dBA (per ISO EN-458), Neutron can better protect workers without isolating them from their environment. 

  • Neutron’s SNR 20 ensures appropriate protection from moderate noise levels, avoiding overprotection. It is indeed recommended in ISO EN-458 to have a safe protected exposure level should be between 70 dB and 80 dB.

Modern Earbud Design
Neutron appeals to younger workers who will appreciate its sleek earbud design — a familiar look and more intuitive to fit for those who use MP3 players, mobile phones and other personal listening devices. Plus, its high-tech, translucent light blue colour is discreet for even the most discerning worker.

  • Yellow cord provides visibility for inspections by safety managers.
  • Visible, yet discreet, Neutron’s detachable cord and short stem provides flexibility in wear per job requirements.

Everyday Comfort The better an earplug feels, the more workers will accept and wear them properly. Neutron’s sleek design uses a softer TPE material and longer, more comfortable swept-back flanges, so you get both an easy, intuitive fit and a comfortable seal inside the ear canal. Forget that irritating feeling of pressure some multiple-use reusable ear plugs provide. Your workers will wear Neutron with ease for multiple days or shifts. 

  • Streamlined, long flange sits more comfortably inside the ear canal, enabling a more comfortable in-ear seal and a secure fit.



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