Redesigned Howard Leight Airsoft earplugs offer improved fit, comfort and protection

-- New material, design and engineering features keep 30-year old product ahead of its time

-- Safety managers value benefits of product enhancements

Smithfield, RI - Hearing protection leader Howard Leight has redesigned and updated its popular AirSoft® multiple-use earplugs. First introduced nearly 30 years ago, AirSoft was the first earplug to utilize an internal air pocket. Offering industry's highest noise reduction rating (NRR 27), AirSoft quickly became an industry standard and the flagship product of the Howard Leight® line. The updated AirSoft includes new material, new design features and new engineering technologies that provide even better fit, comfort and performance.

"With AirSoft approaching its 30th birthday, it was appropriate to look for ways to improve upon the original design," said Bill Sokol, Vice President Strategic Marketing for the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, parent company of Howard Leight. "With recent advances in material science and design innovations, it quickly became apparent that we could make an industry standard like AirSoft even better. The improved AirSoft design is easier to insert, fits better in the ear, and is more comfortable for long-time wear."

Key to the success of the original AirSoft and to the redesigned product is its internal air pocket design. The improved design incorporates a series of patented, noise-blocking fins within the pocket. As the air pocket compresses in the ear canal, these fins interweave to create a noise-blocking barrier optimized to the wearer's ear canal. This facilitates more dependable attenuation from one user to another.

A fourth flange has been added to AirSoft's profile, and the center shaft has been stiffened to facilitate insertion and removal, and to assure a more consistent fit. The new flange design creates a better seal in the ear canal and is more tapered, with rounded edges, to increase comfort. As a result, AirSoft fits more comfortably in a wider range of ear canals, eliminating the necessity for multiple sizes.

The original PVC material in AirSoft has been replaced with a more user-friendly TPE which also increases comfort, especially during long-time wear. Howard Leight has retained AirSoft's familiar look, but has added a trademarked logo on the stem collar to assure users they are receiving a genuine Howard Leight product. AirSoft is available in corded and uncorded versions, and at NRR 27, AirSoft provides the industry's highest attenuation available in a multiple-use earplug.

“In recent product testing, safety managers unanimously endorsed AirSoft’s improvements, citing better fit, comfort and enhanced protection,” Sokol said. "Our improved AirSoft is designed to please both current users of the original AirSoft, as well as new customers looking for the latest and greatest in in-ear solutions."

Since its beginnings as a one-man operation more than 30 years ago, Howard Leight Industries has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of in-ear hearing protection in the industrial market and is widely recognized as an innovator in protection and fit. Since 2001 Howard Leight has been a part of the Bacou-Dalloz® Hearing Safety Group.

Combining the innovation and expertise of Howard Leight® Earplugs and Bilsom® Earmuffs, the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group is a world leader in hearing safety.

Bacou-Dalloz is the world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of personal protective equipment, offering a comprehensive range of safety products designed to protect people from hazards in the workplace. The Group specializes in head protection equipment (eye and face, respiratory and hearing protection), body protection equipment (clothing, gloves and footwear) and fall protection equipment. With a worldwide presence and over 6,000 people, Bacou-Dalloz endeavors to contribute to ongoing improvements in workplace health and safety by providing innovative, comfort-engineered products that workers want to wear. The Group’s products are sold through a worldwide network of distributor partners for use in all sectors of activity (construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, homeland security, petrochemicals, medical, public services, etc.). Bacou-Dalloz is listed on the Premier Marché of the Euronext stock exchange in Paris, and is part of the SBF 120 index.

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