Nucor Steel Improves Worker Hearing Protection with New Howard Leight Technology

SMITHFIELD, RHODE ISLAND, USA  – Though most companies are committed to employee Hearing Conservation Programs, many still struggle to obtain a true assessment of the specific effectiveness of their efforts – and of the individual hearing protection products they deploy – on a worker-by-worker basis.

A new free case study, “Nucor Provides Measurable Worker Hearing Protection with Howard Leight Technology” details how Nucor Steel is using new state-of-the-art VeriPRO® earplug fit testing technology from Howard Leight® to evaluate whether each individual employee is receiving optimal on-the-job hearing protection. 

The case study is available free to download from: http://www.hearforever.org/nucor.

“You could look at an earplug and the NRR rating on it but you weren’t actually sure which earplug gave the best protection for a specific individual,” explained Randy Cooper, site manager of safety, health, and security at Nucor Corporation complex in Huger, South Carolina. 

“There was never a way to actually measure the fit and ultimately workers risk hearing loss while companies risked monetary damages and potential regulatory citations,” he said.

VeriPRO measures attenuation of earplugs by having the user balance tones presented to each ear at easily-heard levels. This means there is no need for a sound booth or quiet room. Accurate VeriPRO earplug fit testing can even be administered in moderate background noise.

At Nucor, the reportable Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) measurements, provided by VeriPRO aid managers with the transition to the EPA's recent Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) change from a fixed number to a range.

In addition, the VeriPRO earplug fit testing system also lets Nucor managers determine whether employees are receiving optimal protection, require additional training on earplug fit testing, or should try a different model.

The case study details Nucor’s use of VeriPRO technology to: 
• Obtain objective data to fit the best earplugs for each employee
• Provide breakthrough measurement of in-ear noise exposure on the job
• Document information to help prevent worker compensation claims
• Improve resources for the company’s hearing protection and successful Hearing Conservation Programs

Download the free case study, “Nucor Provides Measurable Worker Hearing Protection with Howard Leight Technology” at http://www.hearforever.org/nucor.

About Howard Leight
Howard Leight/Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC is a leading global provider of passive and intelligent hearing protection solutions, and the founder of the HearForever™ initiative.  For over 30 years, Howard Leight has pursued the prevention of occupational hearing loss through innovation in hearing protection design, technology, performance and comfort, and the promotion of progressive Hearing Conservation Programs.  Leading solutions include the highest attenuating Max® single-use earplug; patented Air Flow Control™ technology for optimal earmuff attenuation; QuietDose™ personal in-ear dosimetry; and the industry-changing VeriPRO® earplug fit testing system.  Visit: www.howardleight.com.

About Nucor
With 2008 sales of $23.6 billion, Nucor Corporation is one of the largest producers of steel and steel products in the U.S. It was founded in 1940 and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A. Nucor employs 20,000 people nationwide, including 900 at its plant in Huger, South Carolina.

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