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Save time, space and waste with ear plug dispensers. For big and small operations, dispensers offer an economical, hygienic, and user-friendly source for hearing protection.

For big and small operations, ear plug dispensers offer an economical, hygienic, and user-friendly source for hearing protection. Make it easier for workers to comply with safety standards by providing their ear plug of choice in convenient, easy-to-access ear plug dispensers. The Howard Leight ear plug dispensers let you use any ear plug you choose. Howard Leight ear plug dispensers save time and space, and create less waste.

These ear plug dispensers are designed to work with Howard Leight’s uncorded disposable foam ear plugs including Max®, MaxLite®, Laser Lite®, MultiMax®, Matrix®, and Quiet® ear plugs. Simply restock the dispensers with the ear plugs of your choice. Howard Leight offers two dispensers: Leight® Source 400 and 500. Leight® Source 400 is a tabletop or wall-mounted dispenser, which comes with a reusable bottle. This lets you refill from any kind of container, and minimizes waste since all the Howard Leight brand ear plugs are also sold in bulk refill bags. The Leight Source 500 is a heavy-duty, aluminum, wall-mounted ear plug dispenser. This dispenser is designed to be refilled using Howard Leight refill boxes.

Leight® Source 400

New versatile earplug dispenser

Howard Leight equipment should only be used in conujunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury including diminution or loss of hearing



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