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Sync Stereo Earmuff


Sync offers the latest innovation in passive hearing protection for active lifestyles. What sets Sync apart is its ability to provide a significant level of hearing protection while offering uncompromised sound quality. Sync plugs into any personal music source: MP3 players, iPods®, smartphones or other portable audio devices.  

As a passive earmuff, Sync’s NRR 25 provides consistent hearing protection and ensures appropriate attenuation in most noisy environments. Sync’s Volume Management Technology™ manages sound levels reaching the user’s ear to safer levels.

Sync’s DJ-inspired earcup design and sound quality are on par with other professional and high-end personal headphones.  Its technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber (patent pending) enhances bass sounds that are typically sacrificed in a stereo earmuff.  Just plug in and go, no batteries needed.

  • No batteries to replace.
  • Easy to use. control the volume, power and song selection from the MP3 players or other personal audio device. Sync has no knobs or controls.  
  • Includes 3.5mm input cable that plugs into most MP3 players, mobile phones, and other personal audio devices.
  • Lightweight earmuff with soft padded ear cups and headband offer maximum comfort.
  • Reinforced fork slides with handholds for easy headband adjustment.

Ideal for:

  • Landscaping (lawn mowing, weed trimming...).
  • Making things, building things and fixing things (hammering, sanding, sawing, drilling...).
  • Noisy events (races, games, air shows, shooting sports...).
  • Relaxing while listening to your favorite music from your MP3 player or other personal listening devices.

Learn more about Sync at www.howardleight.com/playitsafe

Read a review of Sync in the Wall Street Journal.

Sync is now available at Amazon and OpticsPlanet.



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