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Your employees deserve the best hearing protection, period. From technical innovations to educational initiatives to field verification, Howard Leight offers a suite of resources to make hearing conservation happen.

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The Beauty of VeriPRO Earplug Fit Testing

How hard can it be to wear earplugs? Most peopl...


The Auditory System

Ever wonder how you hear? Theresa Y. Schulz, Ph...


The Personal Effects of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing -- and our ability to listen -- defines...


Hearing Loss & the Military

Noise-induced hearing loss is the top disabilit...


Personal Listening Devices

Does the use of MP3 players and other personal ...


How to Properly Fit an Earplug

The best earplug is the one that is worn proper...


How to Fit Ear Muffs

Leightning series' steel-wire construction prov...


How to Fit Banded Ear Plugs

Designed for people who are exposed to intermit...


How to Fit Single-Use + Multiple-Use No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs

Single-use roll-down foam ear plugs offer an ec...


How to Fit Multiple-Use Ear Plugs

Multiple-use ear plugs are ideal for environmen...


How to Fit Multiple-Use Detectable Ear Plugs

Multiple-use detectable ear plugs were speciall...


How to Fit Single-Use Roll-Down Foam Ear Plugs

Single-use roll-down foam ear plugs offer an ec...

Video: #HearingLoss: The top disability of military personnel returning from active com...

Noise-induced hearing loss is the top disability amongst military personnel returning from active combat. Theresa Y. Schulz, PhD., Lt. Col. USAF...

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Hi @GreekSTL Here they are: Max® Earplugs https://t.co/aYRbpdxzI1 https://t.co/aYRbpdxzI1 10:42 AM Jul 10

Video: = Top disability of personnel returning from active combat https://t.co/iGcAxTEXgb https://t.co/AJ1zS4OCuq 2:15 PM May 27

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